Mañana Maybe is sailing between the Caribbean Islands from December 1 to May 1. The primary goal is to find good kite spots as not all come over. If one is to kite surf, it is essential that as a minimum to take height and return to starting point.

The ship is equipped with 4 dobblte bunks with private toilet. It will be possible to use 2 of these 4 bunks. That is, if you come 3-4 people you must consider who you sleep best with. Would you as a single person want to rent a cabin for themselves that must be said in time and will give rise to more spending on half the price. 

To have a bunk there must be paid a deposit of 500 USD per person , - at least 1 month before embarkation, the remaining amount is paid in U.S. Dollar for the period agreed when on boards. 

All crewmembers are required to lodge a return ticket from proposed signing off destination or cash equivalent there off to the skipper (regulatory requirements) Everyone must have a valid passport that is valid at least 1 / 2 year after leaving and valid visas to countries that require it (especially the U.S.) All aboard must have travel insurance valid for the entire period on board. If you had to disembark before the agreed / paid period expires, the money is not refunded! 

Many authorities around the world want from the best intentions to protect their own charter fleet. Legally, in this case involved you are on a boat trip on the 'share basis' and therefore in no way is neither 'engagement' or a 'charter' - it is also important if the authorities ask you, that you answer the following: I do not pay anything for sail with Mañana Maybe, but we share the costs on board. 

Brief Rules on board: 

No smoking below deck.

When we sail, we do not drink alcohol. This does not mean that we can not drink a "beer track". 

Everyone must be ready to "step in" if necessary. 
In bad weather and at night should always be worn life jacket and lifeline. 

Cooking and cleaning, we share - it will say it rotates. 

There are preferably always two on duty at a time. The ship sails for most of on autopilot, so there must be watching. 


All kinds of drugs (even the slightest for instance. Hashish) is strictly prohibited! and there will not be made any exceptions!!! This is our home and the ship and the rest of the crew may be held back or worse ...!!! 

That nails it!